The best of Diego Suarez

We have chosen the best sites and places for you to visit during your stay in Diego Suarez. The city, the sea, mountains and geological curiosities will be at the rendezvous!

The red Tsingy, an incredible phenomenon

South West from Diego Suarez, through the mountains, the red Tsingy hide plentiful secrets of nature for you to unveil. It is located within the only sedimentary pond of Madagacar and possesses a heterogeneous vegetation. Its balance is extremely...

Ambilobe, city of the Antakarana's culture

Ambilobe is located at the heart of the Mahavavy valley and remains the ideal starting point to discover the Antakarana's culture multiple facets. You will live at the rate of the local Malagasy culture and be able to visit the numerous...

The Amber Mountain

The Amber Mountain park is located not far from Joffreville and is a must of the region. It is perched on a volcanic massif and shelters numerous endemic species

The Ankarana massif, an outstanding mountain

The Ankarana massif belongs to an atypical geological set which origin dates back to the Jurrasic era. Tsingy, according to its' malagasy name, are a world's unique gelogical phenomenon and spots to watch them in Madagascar are quite rare.