Plus belles plages DIego Suarez

The most beautiful beaches

Feel like having the best stay of your life? Fan of water sports or far niente? Diego Suarez’s beaches are among the world’s best beaches. It’s truly a little piece of paradise right in the heart of the Indian Ocean. Your stay awaits!

Nosy Hara, an idyllic marine park

Nosy Hara is a little-known paradisiac island which lenght extends over 2 to 3 km. It displays a very rich fauna and flora and reminds of a huge aquarium holding more than 400 marine species. This island can be reached by road and sea, and it...

The Emerald Sea, a site of supernatural beauty

The Emerald Sea is one of Madagascar's best looking touristic site. It is aptly named with its waters and their magnificent colors. You will enjoy sunbathing on its white sand beaches and snorkelling in its transparent waters.

The three bays, an oustanding place

Situated on the East coast of Madagascar, the Three Bays follow one another on beautiful white sand and along crystalline water, perfect for bathing. The Sakalava bay, the dunes bay and the pigeons bay have a concentrate of activities in store...

The courier bay, a wild charm

The courier Bay provide a captivating landscape due to its wild beauty and its touristic appeals, especially for nature lovers which will enjoy mangrove areas, salterns, baobabs, pachypodiums…
Various touristic activities have their...

Ramena, a fishermen village

Ramena is located 19 km from Diego Suarez, which is a 30 minutes drive. On the way to get there, you will be able to visit a famous site, the sugar loaf.
Ramena is a small fishermen village which is edged by a 3km long white sand beach....