Windsor Castle, Diego Suarez’ massive rock

Do you fancy an extraordinary view of Diego Suarez’ bay and a journey through time? The Windsor Castle is a region’s must and will delight everyone with its 360° panorama.

The former French fort

Windsor Castle

The Windsor Castle (391m high) in an important monolith that can be seen all the way from Diego Suarez.
You will enjoy getting there because of the singular vegetation found along the way such as mangrove swamps, wooded savannah, and a dry forest (succulent plant, pachypodium, aloe, spurges…). These bring to your walks a peculiar charm, driving you towards a military fort from the colonial era, which dominates the region.
The Windsor Castle which overhangs the hill is located North West of Diego Suarez. It was built by the French in 1900 and its’ name was given due to its resemblance with the actual british Windsor Castle. If you make it to the Castle, you will enjoy an astonishing panorama providing a 360° view of the Indian Ocean.

Circuit towards the Amber Mountain

This circuit will delight hikers as they will enjoy many landscapes such as mangrove swamps, savannah or also the dry forest. To make your experience an actual trekking trip, you could also combine this circuit with the Courier bay circuit and the Nosy Hara reserve tour.

Did you know ?

The Windsor Castle was used as a commanding center. A garrison and 105 cannons are installed down the hill.In 1943, violent confrontations between pro-Vichy French troops and the British took place at the fort.

The adventurer’s practical guide

Access : By the road and track of the Amber cape, 1h30 away from Diego Suarez.
Main attractions : hiking opportunities and beautiful panoramic views.
Opportunities : combine visiting the castle, as well as the Courier bay and even the Nosy Hara reserve
Length : 4 hours hike with a 393 vertical drop.

Practical tips : All year round, bring :

  • rain clothes
  • a change of footwear
  • mosquito repellent
  • sunscreen and cap
  • trash bags
  • hiking shoes or sneakers

Guide aventurier

Where is the Windsor Castle ?