Les trois baies, kitesurf

The three bays, an oustanding place

Situated on the East coast of Madagascar, the Three Bays follow one another on beautiful white sand and along crystalline water, perfect for bathing. The Sakalava bay, the dunes bay and the pigeons bay have a concentrate of activities in store for you not to miss.

Dream holidays in the three bays

It is a succession of 3 bays located on the East coast by the Indian Ocean. They are surrounded by a long and beautiful white sand beach which allow for a pleasant swim.

The Sakalava bay is ideally windy which makes it a place-to-be for surfers who enjoy amazing waves.

The Dunes bay and the pigeons bay are accessible from the Sakalava bay or the mined cape. By this entry, a right of way is taken by the military authorities.


Les trois baies, kite surf

Les trois baies, quad, raid motorisé

The Sakalava bay

The Sakalava bay is known throughout the Indian Ocean and is considered as one of the most beautiful site of Madagascar. The bay is closed by a 2 km long and 1 km wide coral reef, which makes it ideal for an introduction to surfing. The bay’s beaches are fitted out to offer you the best confort : deck chairs, sunshades and beachvolley fields will allow you to unwind and enjoy the sea breeze.

Les trois baies, baobabs

The Dunes bay

The Dunes bay is a popular excursion destination in Antsiranana’s region and is easily accessible on foot from Ramena’s village. The bay displays 4 km long of beach and is located not far from military buildings vestiges that you can visit. Walks around the bay will delight old and young, and especially birdwatching lovers as various bird species have sheltered throughout the site.

The pigeons bay

The bay is surrounded by forest and shelter numerous endemic bird species. The site is well-known by tourists for its very relaxing environment. The place is filled up with serenity, and will allow you to recharge while enjoying the sound of singing birds. The bay is accessible via the Sakalava bay and will probably be the last step of your tour in the area.

The adventurer’s practical guide

Activities opportunity : windsurf, kitesurf, snorkelling, hiking.
Distance : 20 km from Diego Suarez
Access : by Ramena’s road, then take a bifurcation, otherwise ride along the coast from Ramena.
Practical tips : All year round, bring :
• rain clothes
• mosquito repellent
• sunscreen and cap
• trash bags
• total sunscreen is recommended for bathing.

Guide aventurier

Where are the three bays ?