Les Tsingy rouges, trekking, randonnée

The red Tsingy, an incredible phenomenon

South West from Diego Suarez, through the mountains, the red Tsingy hide plentiful secrets of nature for you to unveil. It is located within the only sedimentary pond of Madagacar and possesses a heterogeneous vegetation. Its balance is extremely fragile due to its composition made of sandstone, limestone and marl.
You are invited to respect the place, because this nature’s miracle could easily disappear if it’s not properly taken care of.

Red Tsingy

A landscape worthy of the greatest farwest

The red Tsingy is one of the most impressing site of the Northern region and it distinguishes itself by its landscapes made of red soil and tsingy. These formations’ highest peak of 200 meters high are located on the Sahafary plateau. You will have to undertake a 4×4 roadtrip on the sinuous Northern roads to see these far-west-like landscapes. You will discover an incredible scenery whose ocher colors will make you puzzled, especially because the colors’ tints change according to the hour of the day.

Les Tsingy rouges, paysage, circuit

Les Tsingy rouges, excursion

A one-day excursion

Go for an escape day. Take the RN6 road and discover the paddy fields and other fruit plantations. Cross through small traditionnal villages so as to join Sahafary’s village. You will be delighted by the beauty of landscapes : a wild nature where several treasures of Madagascar are hidden here (Montagne des Français, Montagne d’Ambre etc.).

A dynamic parc

An efficient management

To reach the goals set by the management committee, receipts (collected from entrance fees) are spread out as follows : 50% are allocated to community projects’ realisation, 25% to the site’s operations and 25% for the site’s fittings and maintenance.
Many projects work for the community as they take the local people needs in account, in agreement with the rural district of Ankarongana :

  • Construction of a school building in the rural district of Ankarongana (CEG : 02 classrooms furnished with tables, benches and a director’s desk)
  • Electrification of the city hall’s office and donation of hardware for its’ proper functionnning
  • Supporting of an organizer’s salary since 2012 in order to improve the district’s financial ressources
  • Construction of a scholar builing in the Irodo district (EPP furnished with tables and benches)
  • Training in basketry for Irodo’s women and construction of a handicraft area to exhibit and sell their products
  • Taking over a teacher’s salary since 2012 the Irodo’s EPP.

Future perspectives

  • Project of water conveyance and site electrification : in progress
  • Construction of showers and shelters : upcoming
  • Guide’s trainings to improve tourists’ experience : in progress
  • Cheap restaurant with local dishes, managed by the Irodo women’s association : upcoming
  • On the communal plan : construction of wells for Ankorera’s district and basketry training for the Antanambaon’ankerika district : upcoming
  • Conveying drinkable water for the Irodo district : upcoming

Les Tsingy rouges, paysage, flore

Guide aventurier

The adventurer’s practical guide

Location : approximately 50 km away from Diego Suarez, 2 hours by road.
How to get there : 4*4 renting or seek for service providers.
When to get there ? preferably during the warm season, from May to November. All year round, bring :

  • warm clothes even during daytime
  • rain clothes
  • a change of footwear
  • mosquito repellent
  • sunscreen and cap
  • trash bags
  • hiking shoes (slippery terrain during rain season)

Where are the red Tsingy ?