Montagne des français

The Mountain of the French

The Mountain of the French is a historic site which has become a must in the region. Historic battles took place there during the colonial period, but it’s now a location of choice to observe the local fauna and flora.

A historical hill

The Mountain of the French is the necropolis of former colonizers. Its name was given due to the fights that took place during the colonial era in 1942, between French colonizers and the british army.

The Mountain is accessible by foot and requires an hour with a guide. The climb will be easy to achieve and you will have the chance to see many floral and animal species such as endemic baobabs or lemurs which won’t be afraid to stay with you during this not difficult ascension.


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The peak

You will also found at the Mountain’s peak caves and vestiges of the colonial period. There are indeed mines under the french legion fort which lead to an exceptionnal view of the bay’s 156 km coast. The magnificient panorama offers many sites to admire such as the city of Diego Suarez, its’ bay and also the “Sugar loaf”, a touristic site member of the select “World’s most beautiful bay club”.

The adventurer’s practical guide

Location : 15 km away from Diego Suarez
When to get there? all year round
Practical tips: All year round, bring :

  • rain clothes
  • a change of footwear
  • mosquito repellent
  • sunscreen and cap
  • trash bags
  • hiking shoes or sneakers
  • a guide is recommended because there are no markings

Guide aventurier

Where is the Mountain of the french ?