Mer d'émeraude, mer

The Emerald Sea, a site of supernatural beauty

The Emerald Sea is one of Madagascar’s best looking touristic site. It is aptly named with its waters and their magnificent colors. You will enjoy sunbathing on its white sand beaches and snorkelling in its transparent waters.

One of the most beautiful lagoon of the World

The Emerald Sea

Due to its water’s shallow depth and its sandy bottom, this small inner sea has a turquoise blue tint and its’ white sandy beaches are very little crowded.

From here, it is possible to make stops on virgin islands with white sandy beaches, or bivouacs on paradisiac sites.

This little corner of paradise is only 1h away from Diego Suarez or Ramena and is accessible by sea.


Mer d'émeraude, plage, détente

For kitesurf and windsurf fans !

Besides its paradisiac beaches you will find numerous kitesurf and windsurf spots there. Departing from Ramena, you will have the opportunity to try on sliding sports in postcard landscapes, in particular in Babaomby!

Mer d'émeraude, plage, sable blanc

What other activities are proposed ?

You will naturally enjoy sunbathing and devote yourself to any sorts of aquatic activities. The site provides activities for all ages and tastes, from snorkeling to fishing and boat cruises.

The adventurer’s practical guide

Distance : 1 h of boat crossing from Ramena’s or Diego Suarez’ beaches.
Access : the access is possible from Diego Suarez or Ramena.
Practical tips :
All year round, bring :
• rain clothes
• mosquito repellent
• sunscreen and cap
• trash bags
• total sunscreen is recommended for bathing

Guide aventurier

Where is the Emerald Sea ?