The courier bay, a wild charm

The courier Bay provide a captivating landscape due to its wild beauty and its touristic appeals, especially for nature lovers which will enjoy mangrove areas, salterns, baobabs, pachypodiums…
Various touristic activities have their start point in the bay : hiking, sport fishing, snorkelling or professionnal diving…

Icing on the cake, you will be able to take a tour in the nearby islands : the Nosy Hara marine reserve, the goats island, the seagulls island, which are true arks displaying a wild nature (turtles, terns, whales, dolphins…). It will be such a delight for nature lovers !

A marine reserve

An exceptional marine fauna

The courier bay is a marine reserve consisting of a variety of islands and islets, some of which only emerge at low tide. The Anjombavola is a karstic island where tsingy were sculptured by time and which shelters sailors’ graves who came during the Vth Century from Africa’s horn. Birds colonies, such as terns, tropicbirds or ospreys took shelter on the bay as well. It’s also a laying nest for sea turtles.

Baie de courrier

Activities oppotunity

Madiro Kitamby is a holiday cottage located in a small fishermen’s village in the courier bay, in the Northwest part of Madagascar. The cottage is in favour of an ecological tourism and offers tourists all kind of excursions to delight adventurers, nature lovers, fishing lovers or diving lovers as well.

Baie de courrier

id you know ?

Back in the day, the bay allowed sailors to avoid the famous Amber cape and its high current. It became the favorite route to cross the Mozambique canal and reach India and sailors stopped by to deliver mail.

The adventurer’s practical guide

Distance : 2 hours road trip in 4×4 vehicle or quad.
Access : By boat from Diego Suarez.
Practical tips : All year round, bring :

  • rain clothes
  • mosquito repellent
  • sunscreen and cap
  • trash bags
  • total sunscreen is recommended for bathing

Guide aventurier

Where is the Courrier bay ?