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The Ankarana National Park : an incredible reserve

In between forests and mountains, you will discover an untamed nature extending over 18 225 hectares. You will discovery the Tsingy, caves and their fauna and flora typical of the great island

The park's lemurs

11 species of lemurs live in Ankarana. The famous Propithecus Perrieri, well-known as the vernacular of black sifaka, has been seen in the park for the last time in 1995 and 1996. Meanwhile, the presence of the pygmy mouse lemur (Microcebus myoxinus) has still to be confirme

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An endemic flora

At least 330 botanical species are known in the Ankarana’s reserve. Several endemic species of the island’s extreme north are found in the reserve, such as : the pachypodium baronia, the Adansonia perrieri, the Delonyx velutina or the Hildegardia erythosyphon. From September to November, you’ll be able to discover severalt plant formations during the blooming trees season.

Forests that formed in gorges are the richest in species’ diversity. Ficuses or baobabs amongst other trees species remain for you to admire in the forest’s depths. You can also find nearby wooded savannah, typical to Madagascar’s West region.

The adventurer’s practical guide

Accomodation and catering : holiday cottage and park’s campsite area, ecolodge and Mahamasina’s restaurant.
Practical tips : All year round, bring :
• warm clothes even during daytime
• rain clothes
• a change of footwear
• mosquito repellent
• sunscreen and cap
• trash bags
• hiking shoes or sneakers
• park’s local guide is mandatory

Guide aventurier

The Ankarana National Park

A rich and diversified fauna

We count 60 species of reptiles and amphibians, 96 bird species, 50 mollusc species and a lot of Tsingy’s snails. 14 bat species, are living into the Ankarana’s caves, whether half of the bats in Madagascar. Two of them, the Megabats and the Microbats are respectively the smallest and the biggest bats of the world.

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Where is the Ankarana National Park ?