Parc National Ankarana, circuit, paysage

The Ankarana massif, an outstanding mountain

The Ankarana massif belongs to an atypical geological set which origin dates back to the Jurrasic era. Tsingy, according to its’ malagasy name, are a world’s unique gelogical phenomenon and spots to watch them in Madagascar are quite rare.
Such as many phenomenons and natural sites, Tsingy are related to the spiritual world according to local beliefs. Learn more about malagasy’s spiritual beliefs.

An out of the ordinary mineral composition

The Ankarana Massif, an outstanding place

The Ankarana Massif is truly an unique mineral painting, with its’ caves, canyons, rocks and limestone formation. A huge underground rivers network roam through the Ankarana Tsingy which created actual natural cathedrals where bats colonies live in the midst of stalactites and stalagmites.
You will surely build lasting memories after visiting this place, especially due to its’ beautiful vantage points from where you can admire the Mozambique canal and the park’s lakes.

Massif de l'Ankarana

A remarkable fauna and flora

This unusual massif does not consist only of minerals, fauna and flora there are also amongst the most interesting in Madagascar, which makes it a model in animal and floral biodiversity. There are plenty of batrachians, reptiles, birds and other lemurs for you to watch during your outings.

Activities opportunity

Hiking will be an activity of choice due to the site’s remarkable panoramas. Visit the park, its’ lakes, cave and various landscapes and build unforgettable memories. The park will also be perfect playground for climbing aficionados in the midst of unusual rock formations.

Where is the Ankarana massif ?