Montagne d'Ambre, randonnée

The Amber Mountain

The Amber Mountain park is located not far from Joffreville and is a must of the region. It is perched on a volcanic massif and shelters numerous endemic species

An exceptional site

At the heart of a volcanic area

The Amber Mountain National Park was founded in 1958 and its name comes from the ambered colored resin dripping from its’ trees, which is used is by Malagasy people for medical purposes. The park is located 30 km away from Diego Suarez and 3 km away from Joffreville, it provides various excursions for you to do with your family or friends.
It benefits from a peculiar microclimate in which grows a rainforest of the highlands that extends on 23 000 hectares whose altitude varies between 850 et 1475 meters. You will find there plenty of birds, amphibians and lemurs species. Along your tour, you will also encounter waterfalls and lakes that give the tour a peaceful and refreshing atmosphere.

Montagne d'Ambre, photographie, excursion

Montagne d'Ambre, faune, caméléon

What species will I see?

This rainforest displays a lot of endemic bontanical species. You will uncover amongst others the Canarium Madagascariensi, cycas, huge ficuses, types of ferns and many orchids species.
You will also find plenty of animal species, obviously the lemurs for example (including the world’s smallest), but also smaller species such as the Fossa or the Galidie Ellegante (endemic to this region and rarely seen). A lot of birds also took shelter in this forest, such as the crested ibis of Madagascar, the forest thrush, sparrowhaks, herons, parrots, etc.

The Amber Mountain National Park

Montagne d'Ambre, circuit, guide

From Joffreville, a track will lead you to the Park which culminates at 1475 meters. The massif provides a tropical-like climate and shelters an abundant fauna and flora typical of Madagascar’s rainforests.

Some species will surely surprise you, such as the crowned lemur. During your hikes, you could have the chance to discover the smallest chameleon species on earth, the Brookesia tuberculata concealed in foliages or the Microcebus rufus, the world’s smallest primate or also the Fosa, a rare carnivorous mammal. You will be able to uncover a lot of other species as well, such as butterflies, snakes…

The Amber Mountain National Park is also well-known as a major botanical site of interest where various species are found, such as : orchids, palm trees, lichens, ficuses, or epiphytes. You will feel a delightful sensation of well-being after visiting the Park.

Plenty of cascades and waterfalls

There are many water sources, among which the Sacred Waterfall, an idyllic cave hidden behind ferns. The Antakarana et Antomboka cascades are two other sites ideal for birdwatching. Indeed, many birds species live there as well as some lemur species. Further down your tour, you will also uncover the Great Lake and also the Cursed Lake, which is a crater lake.

The adventurer’s practical guide

Location : 30 km away from Diego Suarez
How to get there : car rental and tour operators
When to get there ? preferably during the warm season, from May to November
Accomodation and catering : holiday cottage and park’s campsite area, hotels and restaurants in Joffre Ville
All year round, bring :
• warm clothes even during daytime
• rain clothes
• a change of footwear
• mosquito repellent
• sunscreen and cap
• trash bags
• hiking shoes (slippery terrain during rain season)

Guide aventurier

Which season should I choose to visit ?

The best season to discover the Amber Mountain is during the warm season, from May until November. It is better to avoid the raining season as the access would be difficult.