Ramena, plage

Ramena, a fishermen village

Ramena is located 19 km from Diego Suarez, which is a 30 minutes drive. On the way to get there, you will be able to visit a famous site, the sugar loaf.
Ramena is a small fishermen village which is edged by a 3km long white sand beach. The coral sea makes bathing perfect : no sharks, nor current or waves. Day-to-day life is mainly characterized by its nonchalance.

Ramena’s beach

Ramena is also a beautiful beach anchored in a bay at the north end of Madagascar. It is located 20 km away from Diego Suarez, the historical city from the colonial era. This seaside resort is located for from any urban area, which makes it really appealing and also one of the world’s most beautiful.

In Ramena, everything was meant to satisfy tourists’ expectations. Hotel facilities are fitted for every budget. Accomodation specialists offer suites, luxuous rooms, holiday cottages or studio apartments by the beach. Most of them offer housing, catering and transfers to the airport and some even have private beaches.

Proposed activities

All year round, various kind of leisure activities are organized, in the middle of nature, by the beach or into the open sea. Staying in Ramena truly gives you a end-of-the-world-like feeling with its’ hikes, water sports, excursions and cruises in the open turquoise sea.

Ramena's key points

Beach and exotism

Ramena is a seaside resort laid out within a creek. Thanks to the “varatraza”, the local naming of the alizée, the weather there is warm and the sea water is always the right temperature. Many aspects make Ramena a dream destination : The Emerald sea, large sand beaches, quiet and tidy environments and welcoming people. Those who are thirsty will enjoy various tropical fruits at low prices, such as papayas, juicy mangoes the size of a person’s head, sweet oranges, creamy soursops and coconuts. And for those gourmets out there, there is plenty of sea food to taste : spiny lobsters, prawns, sea cucumbers, octopuses, oysters, crawfishes and squids cooked in all kind of sauces.

The adventurer’s practical guide

Main attractions : colonial fortifications, in the Orangea military camp (entrance is not free). Hikes in the 3 bays along a track on the coast.
Distance : 19 km away from Diego Suarez or a 30 minutes drive on a bumpy road.
Practical tips: All year round, bring :
• warm clothes even during daytime
• rain clothes
• mosquito repellent
• sunscreen and cap
• total sunscreen is recommended for bathing
• trash bags
• hiking shoes (slippery terrain during rain season)
• bathing suit

Guide aventurier

Where is Ramena ?