The Anivorano’s sacred lake’s legend

The lake is located at the bottom of a volcano crater and inspired many stories and myths. Crocodils which took shelter in the lake are considered as sacred due to a legend told by the elderly. The lake is indeed subject to several speculations and has become a must for the intrigued ones!

The origin

The lost traveler legend

The Anivorano lake is considered sacred due to the traveler’s legend : one day, a traveler got lost in the region and walked until the edge of death, thirsty and exhausted. He managed to reach a village in which he asked the villagers for some water who refused. The villagers would eventually regret their decision because little did they know that the traveler was endowed with powers. Therefore, the traveler decided to sink the village under water and transform its’ people into crocodiles, and thus was the Anivorano lake created.
This legend is not unique, various versions exist, but will you be brave enough to visit the lake?

The lake's crocodiles

The crocodiles are considered as sacred, hence they are worshipped by the local people. The local people regularly pay tribute to their ancestors by sacrificing zebus, part of which are given as offerings to the crocodiles

Where is the Anivorano sacred lake ?