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An island of passion

good reasons
to come to Madagascar

Endemic fauna and flora

The fauna and flora of Madagascar are outstanding riches. They are considered by every scientist as being a nature sanctuary as well as the cradle of endemic species of the island. You will discover unique species in the world with nearly 7 types...

Exceptional accomodations

The range of places to stay in Madagascar is very diversified. Madagascar has various types of accommodations to offer such as the following: lodges, locals Accomodation and hotels (from cheapest to must luxurious.

You will inevitably...

An endearing people and a fascinating culture

The city's name presumably finds its origin into the bay's discovery by two Portuguese sailors, Diego Dias in 1500 and Fernan Soares, a few years later. The bay is the world's 2nd largest one, after Rio's with a 156 km circumference. The city...

Breathtaking landscapes

Ile paradisiaque aux couleurs flamboyantes, Madagascar vous offre un éventail de paysages tous plus incroyables les uns que les autres. Plages de sable blanc, désert sableux ou forêts tropicales, un spectacle époustouflant vous attend!

Activities for everyone

There is a wide range of activities you can do with your family or friends in Madagascar including, sports, adventure, encountering new and unique species of animals and plants! Coming to Madagascar is a unique trip that awaits you. Madagascar...

For a perfect stay

Luxurious accomodation

On the edge of heavenly beaches, or right next to national park borders, enjoy an unforgettable stay in some of Madagascar’s beautiful luxurious hotels. Along with your trips to uncover the island treasures, your stay will be of royal comfort...

Standard hotel

The island has hotel offers to welcome you during your holidays. Discover typical, charming, or European-style hotels along the coast, on the outskirts of parks, or in the heart of Malagasy cities. To plan your tour at its best, you’d better...

Budget hotels

Madagascar is overflowing with falafy (palm) nuts and welcomes you to places that correspond with your budget, letting you serenely discover the wonders of the island. You will find faire-price hotels, hostels, cabins, and bungalows to rest...


What is a better opportunity to get in touch with the Malagasy than homestaying? There are some very beautiful homes to stay at, in Tana, as well as ones by the seaside resorts. You may also homestay in a bush village and learn a few Malagasy...


Along a private beach or in the heart of the forest, enjoy a warm atmosphere in a selected setting, by staying in a lodge for your holidays in Madagascar. The bungalows will guarantee intimacy and discover as well as disconnection, because they...

To live... and to share !


Mada is waiting for you

587 000 km2, 4 800 km de côtes

587 041 km2
4 800 km of coasts

24 million inhabitants

23 million

Malagasy and French

Malagasy and

Dry season from April to Oct. Rainy season from Nov. to March

Dry season from April to Oct.
Rainy season from Nov. to March